Taking a Stand…

Sometimes creating change in life can be as simple as taking a stand, making it clear to yourself (more than anyone else) what you really stand for in life. And then going about living your life accordingly. Question yourself when you find yourself feeling and acting out of alignment. And gently realign. One thought at a time. One feeling at a time.

I stand for infinite possibilities (then why am I entertaining limiting thoughts about myself and the Universe? Let go, breathe in the possibilities)

I stand for love.

I stand for Being true to who you really are (its all about who you are BEING in any given moment).

I stand for equality and acceptance.

I stand for a rich life ( in all ways).

I stand for happiness and joy – right now in this very moment.

I stand for open hearts with big fences around them – not everyone gets a free pass to mess around.

I stand for courage and kindness in all situations.

I stand for diamonds – they have handled the most extreme temperatures and come out shining bright – that’s the power of human spirit too. We came here to be diamonds, to shine bright.

I stand for love. Did I say that before? Oh I definitely stand for love – in love. I am love!

What do YOU stand for?

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