Suffering from “Someday Syndrome”?

How often do you find yourself thinking/saying/feeling:

“Someday I will do what I have always wanted to do”

“Someday I will use these things I have accumulated”

“Someday I will be happy”

Guess what? That someday is not coming. Its only NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. This Someday Syndrome keeps us stuck and robs us of our present moment. We cheat on our present joy and potential by this future “someday” event/thing/action.

And getting rid of this Someday Syndrome can be as simple as making a choice to live in the moment and love the moment. Take a small step towards what you have always wanted to do. Remove the tags and wear the dress! Or pass it on to someone who will. And be happy now. NOW is all you’ve got!!!

Got it? Of course you did, “Someday” has been here all along!

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