Progress… One step at a time

Frustrated that you are not where you want to be…. foresight seems foggy…. clarity is missing?

Try hindsight – you have come so far. Trust that you have because YOU HAVE. Life is about progress and progress happens one step at a time, sometimes, one thought/feeling at a time. It worked for me today. I felt uneasy, confused and impatient. Frustrated. Somewhat disappointed. Even confused about what to write here. Someone suggested, “Being grateful”. And I remembered I have done that before (visit I visited that page, reread what I had written myself and there came relief with watering eyes. Relief! What a feeling. I have come a long way. And there is satisfaction in that. Fog is lifting and foresight is getting clearer.

Relief. Satisfaction. Clarity. Exciting times ahead.

Again, progress is one step at a time. Go easy on yourself. It’s all happening for you. Find relief and satisfaction in that. You are doing extremely well. You are loved!

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