Joy or misery? Choice is yours!

Do you stop and check in with yourself throughout the day – “What am I feeling right now?”. Sometimes its even hard to identify what exactly emotions we are feeling – because there are so many of them. And you know by the way you feel – whether you are leaning towards joy or misery (If you observe a pattern of behaviour and feelings in certain circumstances, then that requires deep introspection – but that’s for another post).

The most important question then becomes – “How do you actually want to feel?” “What do you want to focus on – joy or misery?”. In any given moment, we have the freedom to choose what’s worthy of our attention. There is the proverbial fork in the road – you can keep going wherever your thought are taking you or you can stop and choose a different path – a new path. Of course you can keep going down the same path if you are feeling happy and joyous and emotions alike.

We may try and control others’ behaviour and still feel out of control because we can’t control how other people are going to behave. However, you have absolute control over your own feelings and thoughts with the freedom to choose differently in any given moment. Once we learn to master this art of choosing to focus on how you want to feel, our lives do become much more joyous and stress-free. And that’s truly being in control.

So, what gets your attention? Joy or misery? Like I said before, choice is yours, always yours! Choose wisely 🙂

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