Let’s talk competition and Letting the Warrior Rise

Traditionally speaking, prerequisite for competition has been “lack”, therefore, we must fight against one another to prove ourselves and our worth. Society has us convinced that whatever we want and desire is all on the outside and its in the collecting of “materials” and winning “trophies and titles” that we find self worth and build high self esteem. The equation has been: Your self worth and value are proportional to your worldly achievements – the job, the car/s, the house, the millions…. You name it.

And then there are the beliefs we are fed constantly when growing up, more often than not by our well meaning but sometimes ignorant parents (I say this with all my love, they have simply believed what society and their parents taught them without questioning the validity of those beliefs). For example, for me, being a girl meant a lot of things – one being not expressing yourself, “Don’t be loud, don’t laugh so loudly, don’t show off” and in some more subtle ways that I shouldn’t question the males in the family and I better not show them off. Be a quiet Wallflower. There is no need for the fierce Warrior (Credit to Crystal Andrus Morissette for helping me understand myself through archetypes, her new book – Emotional Edge comes out December 2015).

New perspective…

Being competitive isn’t about beating the other person or getting the trophy – its about being your own best self – and then beating your own personal best. You are your only competition. For life is about expanding and being more of who you really are – not in comparison to someone else or existing by meeting society’s standards for you. And there are not limits to who you are and can be except the ones you put on yourself. As Henry Ford said so eloquently, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right”.

How about we turn the gaze within and start to discover the treasures and infinite potential deep with in waiting to be explored and used. And letting the warrior rise –  To help you be you – loudly and fiercely. To enable you to speak up for yourself and what you believe in. To push you to higher ground and expanding your own mind and life to new ways of being. To stand up for those you love and for the love of yourself. You are worth standing up for.

Dear Wallflower,

There is no need to hide any longer. I am here now to help you take the centre on the stage. Bloom to your full glory. You are safe with me by your side at all times shall you ever need protection or anything else.

With Love, 

The Warrior

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