Who’s running the show? Time to reclaim your position as the CEO of your mind!

(In any given moment,

I recently had the good fortune of spending 24 hours with a wonderful group of people and a very passionate and wise teacher – Daniel Tolson. We were all there for one reason – to better our lives in some way or form. And it all had to do with getting more control in our lives by learning to control our minds.

Here are a few simple things you can start practicing immediately to get back in the CEO seat:

  • If you ever find yourself thinking, “Only if that person behaved this way…”, then you are trying to control others, STOP IT! Remind yourself that you are the not the CEO of the Universe, only of your own mind. Give up the need to micro manage other people, their behaviours and situations that are clearly out of your control. Just Stop It.
  • Something happened years ago and you are still feeling the emotions today? Let it out for once and all and move on. A past incident does not have to control your present and your future. Stop bringing it back to life by thinking about it over and over again. Some things that happen in life can be so awful and we need help – reach out, get help but don’t let it run the show. Delete the incident out of your life. You DO have a CHOICE in this.
  • You find yourself thinking the worst case scenarios and scaring yourself… You have got to stop that negative train of thoughts. Do what my very funny teacher – Andy Dooley says when fear comes up, “Stop! Cancel! Clear! Get the fear OUT of Here” and get yourself back in the grove of happy thoughts and loving thoughts.
  • Move your body – dance, jump, walk it off, stretch – do what you need to get yourself out of the funk. This is one of the easiest ways to get your mind back on track. Get out of your head and get back into your body. Be grateful for your body, it allows you to experience all life.


Life is supposed to be fun. In all the seriousness of things, we forgot to have fun. Laughter, happiness, joy, love – these are our natural states of being. So let’s play!


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