Dear Women, it is time for a new relationship… with Money!


I urge you to get to know Money. I urge you to know Money personally, what it means to you and disregard the messages that you have received from your society, religion or even your family (unless they role model an empowering and flourishing relationship with money). There is far too much negativity that has been attached to money that’s simply not true. Start your own investigation into the subject if you please. I have been in the banking industry for over three years and boy, have I seen some really sad stuff when it comes to women and money (and men too but this is more for women).

For example, cleaning out your partner’s account by logging into his online banking when you are angry. This may sound clever in the moment, but what is it really? Betrayal of trust. There is nothing empowering in betraying your partner and stealing his money. There are plenty of other ways to deal with anger and whatever else is going on in the relationship in an empowering manner, but stealing money isn’t one of them. Now you may have their money but not their trust and you can’t put a price on the value of trust in a relationship.

Handing over all your cash and savings to your partner and making them in charge in the name of love and trust again isn’t something empowering – its really sending the message that you don’t know and trust yourself enough to handle money and your own finances. Presence of love and trust in a relationship are truly beautiful and essential for a healthy relationship. And so is death a fact of life. Someday, your partner will die and if he dies before you, then you are screwed if you don’t know how to handle money wisely. I have spoken to enough old women who have lost their partners/husband’s and now the grief of loss is compounded with all the financial responsibilities and not knowing where to start. And worse, when the husband/partner decides to leave them and take all the money with them. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

I understand as women we have come a long way when it comes to our rights. Now we have the freedom to work and the freedom to express ourselves. However, the relationship with money is such an important one that we can no longer ignore it and pretend that it will work itself out. It is time to step up and rise to the challenge.

  • It is time to not only cultivate a healthy relationship with money that is free of shame and guilt, it is time to start talking about money, with love and respect.
  • No one is going to hang around if there isn’t love and respect in the relationship and same applies to Money.
  • Its only between you and Money, keep everyone else out of the relationship.
  • It is our responsibility to teach the generation of women ahead of us from the start and the generation of women who came before us.


Imagine a world where women are financially independent and know how to support themselves fully. To me, it will be same as achieving world peace. And I really want to be part of that world. You?

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