{The need to be Perfect – Let it go}


Have you ever heard a baby say, “I need to be perfect at walking before I start walking”? NEVER! Did you yourself as a child think that you had to be perfect before you learned anything new? No, you didn’t, you just took action in the direction of your desires at that time.

So why do you think as an adult, somehow you have to know everything, be perfect and have to get everything lined up perfectly before you start doing things you want to do and go in the direction of your dreams. It is absolutely absurd. Let it go.

Take Nike’s advice and JUST DO IT! You will get better as you do more and more of it (whatever “it” is for you). You don’t need to know every little detail, just the next step. Take that step. Commit to it. And do it with love. This planet needs more love.

At the end of it all, there is no such thing as perfection – only progression. And Love, since only Love is real. 

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