Suffering from ‘same shit, different day’?

img_7773 You want change – oh so bad! And yet tomorrow becomes yesterday, the pattern keeps repeating and life feels like it’s ‘same shit, different day’.

You get a new job and in a few months, its feels just as bad as the one before that you were so happy to leave. You exercise and get closer to the body you want only to sabotage as you get close and find yourself at the same or even worse starting point. You finally find yourself what feels like ‘the one’ you are going to be with for the rest of your life only to discover that he/she really wasn’t the one.

If you can relate to any of the above, you have a deep seated pattern that is running the show. These patterns are formed early in our childhood as a behaviour, even a coping mechanism which may have worked then but doesn’t serve us any longer. Underneath the patterns lie certain fears – fears that have us convinced that its for the best. So we repeat the patterns over and over again and they become our autopilot ways of reacting to life. We are reacting in the same old ways, there is no response.

Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start and what to do? Wait, there is hope. As the title of Dr Joe Dispenza’s book suggests, start “Breaking the habit of being yourself”. How do you do that? Meditate, journal, really take note of your habits, you go-to responses, your go-to thoughts (we think pretty much the same thoughts everyday! which sucks because we can choose new thoughts anytime we like) and beliefs. And then as opportunities arise (they will because life is happening), respond (not react) in a new way. Surprise your brain with some new thoughts. It can take a while sometimes, but the more aware you become and more you respond in new ways, those old patterns will disrupt.

And life will change. Why? Because you have changed. Simple.


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