Busting the myth of inadequacy: There is nothing wrong with you

IMG_0036How often have you thought, “What is wrong with me?”. If we don’t get what we want and see everyone else around us having those things (whether that’s money, successful career, relationships etc), we wonder silently and sometimes aloud – “what is wrong with me?” or worse, we affirm silently over and over again, “there must be something wrong with me”. But you don’t know what is wrong with you.

This notion that something is wrong with you comes from an underlying erroneous belief and feeling of not being enough. At some point in our lives (most often, early on in our childhoods), we entertained the idea that we may not be enough. Not consciously though [It wasn’t like one day you decided that you were not enough and ran with it, it was more that the ego found a way to justify its worth (or lack of) and ran with it]. And that idea turned into a belief and you bought into the myth of inadequacy. And that myth of inadequacy now runs rampant in your mind and shows up in your life in all sorts of ugly ways.

For years, I had asked myself this stupid question and the only thing it led to was me becoming super critical of myself and the need to fix myself. All that fixing of the “wrongness” got me in all sorts of funky stuff. And I became more and more confused and secretly loathed myself while I was attempting to practice more self love in the form of spending money on all sorts of crap. Coz ya know, money fixes things! No, it doesn’t. You can’t fix what’s not broken. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with you. What’s wrong is the belief that something is wrong with you. The day I finally realised that, it was liberating and suddenly I was not just okay but happy with who I was.

So I invite to entertain a new thought – there is nothing wrong with you. Say it yourself over and over, silently, and aloud if and when surroundings permit. Liberate yourself from the myth of inadequacy and set yourself free – one better feeling thought at a time.

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