On letting go of judgments…


So I have committed to becoming a student of “A course in Miracles” (as of yesterday) and I have learned some big lessons already.  Miracle here is defined as “a shift in perception”. With that definition, we could all be miracle workers.

One of the big ones has been letting go of the judgments placed on myself and others. Judgment is always in all ways a projection of fear. What we judge comes and bites us in the backside. Judgment blocks miracles because we are so rigid in our ways of seeing and perceiving. I specifically remember judging someone for not being able to make their relationship work… After all this person had so many “failed relationships”, that actually was their label not mine. And guess what? It came and bit me in the ass! I have also judged myself for being judgmental. Don’t do that to yourself!

Lets talked about so called “failed relationships”. My relationship of 2 years something ended earlier this year and in all honesty, I felt like a failure and sat there thinking, “how did this happen to me and how did I get here?” Futile questions to ask. The truth is that there is no such thing as a “failed relationship”. Did we have some lovely experiences? Yes, many. Did we learn and grow as part of being in that relationship? Absolutely. For some growth happens when they are in the relationship, while for some it might be after the relationship ends. Where is the failure in all of that. What if that was the expiry date on the relationship? You learn what you need to and move on. I still remain friends with him. Why? Because I chose to. We are two grown ups and we know how to behave like adults. And what’s the point in being bitter? It will eat away at your own soul. No point!

Coming back to the topic of judgments and letting go…

If we know enough about someone’e life, we would have enough information to understand why they do what they do. And if we can understand someone at that level, we could even forgive them. I can understand why someone is addicted to drugs/alcohol/shopping (myself)… when I know enough about their life. And isn’t that an honour that someone trusted you enough to tell you about their life? Why would you judge? Those who have trusted me, I carry their stories in my heart and there is nothing but compassion and love for them. If you cultivate this perspective, its easier not to judge in the 1st place. And what leads to addiction? Extremely harsh judgments against oneself that turn into self-loathing, hence we self destruct. Cure? Love and compassion for self. Not that easily done though. But if you ask for help and pray to something bigger, it will take care of you. 100%.

As Marianne Williamson opens her lecture “Everyday Grace” with the statement: The very thought that miracles do happen is an extraordinary empowerment. And she goes on to say: If I want my life to change, I have to change. If we want our world to change, then we have to change. I still remember listening to that for the 1st time and even now its still as profound of an idea as it was then. For me that was a game changer, that if I could change, my world would change. And it has changed over and over again, as I let go of what’s not working in my life and shifting my perceptions. In the letting go, I am also becoming who I want to become. Sometime, all it takes is a shift in perception and sometimes, I must back it with some action.

The more judgments you release, the freer you become.

Let them go.

Be free.

After all, miracles do happen.

Allow them.

With an open heart.


Because Only Love is Real.

Everything you see? Illusion!

Wake up.

See with your Heart.

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