I feel…

“I made it through the darkest part of the night, and now I see the sunrise” – “Glorious” by Macklemore

This song has become my new anthem. Have a listen here –  Glorious – Macklemore

I feel that sometimes we give way too much airtime to our problems or the old stories than they deserve. I spent afternoon with a friend who just went around in circles explaining their issues to me. I had heard it all before more than once, even twice! How exhausting for me to listen to it again and for them to keep repeating the same shit. Find some new stories at least!

I get it, we all have problems. Problems simply are feedback that life is giving us to remind us what we need to do/change/stop doing. If someone comes to me with new problems when I see them, Great! They are growing.  However, if you are parroting the same shit on a different day, you have got to make some serious changes and have a good look in the mirror. One really does need to take personal responsibility and accountability for the energy they are bringing to the table. I have compassion for those going through a tough time in life but I don’t have the energy to listen to the same old shitty stories and reasons why things don’t get better and why its so hard just for you.

From NLP perspective, your words determine your thoughts and behaviour. Actually any of the three (words, thoughts and behaviour/actions) could have an impact on each other. If you keep saying “its hard” then what you are really doing is making the neural pathways for that pattern/story stronger and you find yourself stuck in a rut. So do yourself a favour and stop saying stupid shit that is going to limit your capacity to change your behaviour and make it hard for you to take actions that could change your thoughts and have you behave in a different manner.

My new approach to any problems I am having: talk about it once if I must and then never repeat that shit again. Its not happening when you repeat the stories and you miss out on your NOW which could be so delicious if you aren’t busy rehashing the past. 

Instead, I want to talk about my joys, what’s pleasing to me in any given moment. Can I find something to appreciate? Yes, yes I can. Lets give it a go now…

I have such a lovely life. For as long as I can remember, I had wanted to be free. I have my own space where I can just be. Its perfect for me. I live right in the heart of Sydney and I get see some really gorgeous views when I step out of the building. I am living my dream. I have a job that allows me to be free in more ways than any of my previous jobs. I work with some wonderful people who have been my catalysts for growth. I have the support that I need and I am okay to ask for help when I need it. I live free from expectations of others. Now that’s true freedom. I have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes, a rack overflowing with some great shoes and my perfume collection is ever expanding (what more could a girl ever ask for?). I have well meaning friends (single and couples) who are there to remind me that I need to find a man, to which I smile,  appreciate their love for me and love them right back. I have a healthy body and I have the energy that I need to show up daily. I eat good food. I have people around me with whom I can laugh, have intellectual conversations, get drunk, feel safe, dance, tell jokes, share my ideas, cry if I have to and much more. I have the space to act on my creative impulses – I get to make my own dresses, write my blog when I want to, dance and feel how I want to feel – FREE. I feel there is something bubbling up from deep with in and I feel glorious.

Let the good times roll!

Tell the story of how you want it to be not how it was (your brain doesn’t know the difference).




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