About VineetaJakhar

An onion with many layers that have been peeled off and of course there is some more peeling to be done. I want to be free and live from the core where there is nothing more to peel. This blog really encapsulates my life as it is happening…

I didn’t want to come up with some nonsense about myself, instead I asked some friends who know me well to describe me. Always good to check how you are perceived by others instead of relying on your own perception – usually they are worlds apart. This is what they came up with:

  • A cornucopia of attitude and wisdom.
  • Vineeta Jakhar, the girl who finds serendipity and serenity in the present, looks yonder trepidation and seeks solace in the possibility and certainty of tomorrow
  • Vivacious, Ungovernable and Kind
  • Lionhearted, Benevolent and Captivating
  • Class, Elegance, Loyal, Trustworthy and Fabulous as well
  • Determined, Strong, Independent, Persevering and Bit of a feminist with a lol. (I think we should all be feminists! To me, it just means equality, its not a war of sexes)


I am my most favourite project and I am loving this ride, every bit of it.


20032837_Vineeta Jakhar-Coach
Dear past, Look at me now!
Dear Present, you are a joy to be in
_MG_6353 PP LR
Dear future, I can not wait to collide with you.



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