Push or Pull?

We live in times where pushing forward is glamourised and equates to hard work and success. To some extent, yes. However, pushing forward and pulling back are equally powerful forces. Too much push will leave you feeling stressed/burned out, while too much pull will lead to laziness/procrastination. In order to succeed, a state of equilibrium […]

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Value of humanity in business

Processes bring order to the environment/business and form guidelines for those operating within that given environment. Robots can follow processes as well if not better than a human could. Can creativity exist within those structures? However, maybe just maybe, you as the human element in the process can bring creativity to the table and make the process malleable? […]

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Grace of Closed Doors

The thought of knocking on a closed door may come with an inherent fear of rejection. What’s the point? It’s closed. But, what if, the door is only closed for you to develop the courage to go and knock. For if you knock, it shall be opened. Maybe you will need to knock more than […]

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Burning off the deadwood…

And what’s left is JOY. “Your life will improve incrementally if you eliminate those things that are making you bitter and miserable. But in order to do this, you have to make the decision to burn off all that deadwood and sacrifice that unhappiness, even if you feel that you are justified in harbouring it, […]

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I feel…

“I made it through the darkest part of the night, and now I see the sunrise” – “Glorious” by Macklemore This song has become my new anthem. Have a listen here –  Glorious – Macklemore I feel that sometimes we give way too much airtime to our problems or the old stories than they deserve. […]

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